Jenie Gospodinova was born in 1970 in Bulgaria, Europe. A region where the colour rises in the light and nature is radiant and stimulating the creativity. 


                                                                                 in her very young childhood are through the art of classical ballet and music. Very young, she begins a performing ballet education in a Vaganova program school and learns flute, musical harmony, music history and theory in high school. In this period of hard work, painting is her secret activity through which Jenie liberates her feelings, thoughts and emotions.     

Her contacts with the arts

Canadian painter from Montreal Quebec enie Gospodinova

                                                                                                                     music concentration, Jenie follows her desire to help children and graduates from Sofia University with a degree in speech therapy. Аs a student in university, she opens her own ballet school for children and begins her career as a choreographer and costume designer. Soon, she creates her own brand of casual wear, which saw great success in Bulgaria.

Canadian painter of portraits and dancers from Montreal Quebec Jenie Gospodinova

Settled in Montreal, Canada in 2003, Jenie opens her ballet academy for children and adults and divides her life between ballet, tango, music and painting. 

In the beginning, her creative energy is mostly directed towards her work as a costume designer and choreographer. In the period between 2004 and 2019, Jenie creates costumes for more than 20 classical ballets and dance presentations. Between them:

Quand les poupées ne dorment pas (2004)

Dance c'est la folie (2005)

Snow White (2006)

The Street (2007)

Cinderella (2008)

Le Rythme (2008)

The Little Mermaid (2009)

Thumbelina (2010)

Sleeping Beauty (2011)

Coppelia (2012)

La Fleur de la Vie (2013)

To Dream of Dancing (2014)

Frozen (2015)

The Beauty and the Beast (2016)

The Little Mermaid (2017)

The Wizard of Oz (2018)

A Magical Night (2019)

Original paintings oil and acrylic on canvas painter Montreal Jenie Gospodinova

                                                                                          takes a more and more important role in her life, Jenie decides to give visibility to her work and begins to show her paintings. She has done three solo expositions:

Tango and Art 2019

The Scent of a woman 2018

She and the Rose 2017

After the success and the great appreciation of the art lovers and collectors, Jenie keeps working in her studio in Montreal and sells her paintings all over Canada thanks to the showcase offered by the web.