Artistic approach

                                                for Jenie is a joyful process of travelling through the deepest parts of her soul. It is a creation of an imaginary world of colours, vibrations and light, searching and identification of all different layers hidden behind the white of the canvas.

Often the focus in her portraits is on the eyes. For her, they are windows through which we see hidden feelings of sadness, desire, melancholy, loneliness and create connections to the insight of the human world. 

Original oil portrait on canvas painter from Montreal Quebec Jenie Gospodinova
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Original oil and acrylic paintings painter Jenie Gospodinova

Art and painting

                              are Jenie Gospodinova's universe. She is a painter, musician, ballet and argentine tango dancer, choreographer and costume designer. Having a life that gravitates between various arts has allowed her to explore the beauty of human nature, the lines of the dancer's body and to give colour and texture to their movements and feelings. As a dancer and choreographer, she is a part of all of the hard work that goes on behind all of the presentations. She builds the strong character that dancers develop after years of sacrifices in the ballet hall. Very often, the hidden dancer's life backstage, music, tango and ballet are a source of inspiration to her.

 She admires the impressionists Edgar Degas, Claude MonetPierre Auguste Renoir, the modern techniques of Gustav Klimt and the tempers of Andrew Wyeth.

She loves working on portraits of beautiful women and observing artist expressions during their performances when the body is entirely disconnected from reality.

Original oil paintings oil acrylic art gallery

                                                               are worked directly on linen canvas or paper. Jenie is using an array of media ranging from oil and acrylic paint to gold leaf and collage. She explores her ideas freely and many times she experiments with non-traditional media such as coffee, red wine, materials, hot glue. Sometimes, she starts her work without any idea of what is going to be painted. "Accidentally" created layers, spots and lines to help her to see what has been hidden in the canvas. In this meditation and connection with herself, the image slowly begins to show. A deeply emotional painter, Jenie’s deepest wish is to share a message of light, creating happiness through opening her heart to others through her artwork. 

"Тhrough my art I try to connect to myself and explore my feelings, but also I try to open a window that looks through a secret world. Give colour and texture to it. My artwork tries to share that secret world with you and give you an escape, where you feel safe, welcomed and which makes you forget the daily worries.”

original oil and acrylic paintings Jenie Gospodinova